A Southside Sunday...

 Queens Park                     Photo by Almost Grown

Queens Park                     Photo by Almost Grown


A southside Sunday... Zigzagging it dubstep style between those obscenely priced prams helmed by the tired plaid dad set forth to secure a skinny latte and a vegan whatever... The perpetual beanie-sporters at the next table offering up a play by play of last night's craft beers to anyone unfortunate enough to have left their earphones at home... The middle aged couple kickin' on from the night before with the duty free sunglasses and large glass of pinot grigio at the outside table... It's a strange little mix the Queens Park/Shawlands locale. But "my bit" has got a hell of a lot going for it. And she's becoming more appealing by the day!

Don't miss:

Gusto and Relish -  Home-style...  A posh sausage sandwich the size of yer noggin.

Café Strange Brew - Salted caramel brownie! Awesome buzz of comery and goery. The earlybird actually gets a table to sit their bum at.

Gizzi's - Best coffee in the south side. Those Scots-Italian boys know what's what... And 'what's what' is an ace flat white to kick the shit out of your hangover.

The Salisbury - Greatest gin selection in the southside. Is that as important to you as it is to me? Thought so. Rock Rose a personal fave.